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Component Creative Contact Form

Тема в разделе "Joomla", создана пользователем klerk, 4 сен 2018.

  1. klerk

    klerk Team member Verified

    19 фев 2016

    Creative Contact Form is a powerful contact form generator with amazing visual effects. You will be surprised by count of all the possible features!
    It is packed with a Creative Template Creator Wizard to create fantastic forms in a matter of seconds without coding.

    Main Features

    ✔ Insert forms anywhere in content
    ✔ All texts are fully customizable
    ✔ Flexible field types - name, email, phone, address, url, number, textarea, select, multiple select, checkbox, radio
    ✔ Completely new checkbox, radio selection effect, implemented special for this extension
    ✔ Load countries list (239 countries)
    ✔ Flexible and user friendly interface for inputting checkbox,radio/select options
    ✔ Set pre-checked/selected options for checkbox,radio/select types
    ✔ Multiple email recipients, BCC, custom reply to email, from email
    ✔ Automatically fill in User name and email if logged in
    ✔ Allows page redirect to URL or menu item after sending email
    ✔ Set all fields as required or not
    ✔ Ajax based - no page reload
    ✔ High level Spam protection
    ✔ Custom email subject
    ✔ Shake effect if field is not valid
    ✔ Very easy to install and configure


    Creative Contact Form Business v4.6.1
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