1. Lowrens

    Plugin Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on

    Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on Our designers have worked hard, so you don’t have to. Get professionally finished forms without learning to be an expert in design theory. Your customizations will adapt to the best designing practices that we have included in the styles with adaption in mind...
  2. Lowrens

    Plugin Forms Manager - Event Booking Pro Add-on

    Forms Manager v1.8.0 - Event Booking Pro Add-on Create custom Forms using an easy to using interface. These Forms can be used for your events! You can customize how they look too! This is an Add-ON Plugin for Event Booking Pro Demo...
  3. Lowrens

    Plugin Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder

    Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder Super Forms – плагин конструктор форм wordpress Super Forms is the one and only plugin that you will ever need for your contact forms. This WordPress Plugin is very user friendly when it comes to building forms. With unlimited options you will be able to...
  4. klerk

    Component Balbooa Forms Pro

    Balbooa Forms PRO Представляем очень удобный конструктор форм Balbooa Forms PRO 1.6.1. Создание форм происходит с красывой и удобной панели администратора. Все делается обычным перетаскиванием элементов формы без кодирования. Можно создавать потрясающие формы в считаные минуты и легко...
  5. Lowrens

    Module WebForms Pro 2 - Form Builder

    WebForms Pro 2 - Form Builder v.2.3.6 *** Скрытый текст: У Вас недостаточно прав для просмотра скрытого текста. Посетите тему на форуме! ***