1. Lowrens

    RELEASE IonCube License Fixer by 0x22

    IonCube License Fixer by 0x22 Most decoders today cost a shit-ton of money and they decompile php bytecode back to php but its always faulty, and will never be original code. Got kinda tired of it to be honest. So i thought to myself. Why not just patch the loader instead and avoid the lame...
  2. Lowrens

    Plugin Wordpress Licensing System Basic

    Wordpress Licensing System Basic v2.9.9.3 A Powerful Yet Intuitive Licensing System Built For Wordpress Plugin and Theme Creator or Any Project Who Need to Secure and Control Their Most Valuable Assets. Deploy this in your own products to ensure they are only used by whom has the right...
  3. Lowrens

    SCRIPT PHPMyLicense - Advanced PHP Licensing System

    PHPMyLicense - скрипт выдачи лицензий С помощью MyLicense вы можете лицензировать PHP проекты, выдавать лицензии и управлять ими. MyLicense также имеет встроенный обфускатор, чтобы защитить код от кражи. With this script, you can license your own PHP projects. Issue licenses, and control...