1. Lowrens

    APP+SCRIPT Exicube Taxi App ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin

    Exicube Taxi App ( GrabCab ) + iOS + Android + Web + Admin GrabCab is a script with full source code for Taxi / Cab booking App like Uber and Lyft. The source code comes with a Mobile App for Rider & Driver and an Website cum Admin Portal. Demo...
  2. Lowrens

    APP Online Taxi Booking App - Call My Cab Mobile App

    Online Taxi Booking App - Call My Cab Mobile App Call My Cab is the most advanced online cab booking and dispatch system to drive your business into the future. It is a very helpful hybrid mobile app solution for Car,Taxi and Cab Rental business that helps to increase taxi booking orders and...
  3. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Ridy - Taxi Application Android + Dashboard

    Ridy - Taxi Application Android + Dashboard *** Скрытый текст: У Вас недостаточно прав для просмотра скрытого текста. Посетите тему на форуме! ***
  4. Lowrens

    APP+SCRIPT Taxi Time – Android Taxi Application Complete Solution

    Taxi Time – Android Taxi Application Complete Solution Taxi Time app provides the full fledge functionality for creating their own taxi service which supports multiple rides app along with multi-languages, Lots of features are available which requires any Enterprise level Taxi Application...
  5. Lowrens

    APP+SCRIPT Taxi application Android solution + dashboard

    Taxi application Android solution + dashboard Our taxi app has been made to do what it should do without any hassle or cost more than it’s original price tag. Compared to other solution it offers greater quality, exceptional performance and reliability, being a lot easier to install and most...
  6. klerk

    Component Taxi Booking

    Taxi Booking - J!2.5/3.x With Taxi Booking you get 4 types of software in one package - Metered taxi services, Limo and Private hire pre-booked fixed fares, Hourly car hire, Shuttle and Bus ticket sales. Demo: JED...
  7. klerk

    APP+SCRIPT AloTaxi - Mobile App Template

    AloTaxi v1.2 - Mobile App Template AloTaxi is a Taxi service for mobile user. AloTaxi mobile app template was build for delivery service, taxi, location, food and drink service. AloTaxi template is build onionic framework with HTML5/CSS3 and Angular JS by Google. Include Google map API and...
  8. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Taxi-Money – скрипт экономической игры

    Красивый и новый дизайн. С данным скриптом Вы можете запустить собственную экономическую игру! И зарабатывать деньги! Красивый и функциональный дизайн привлечет Ваших пользователей и они останутся на Вашем сайте! Скрипт прост в установке и настройке! Demo: ***...
  9. klerk

    APP+SCRIPT Android Taxi Booking Complete Solution

    Android Taxi Booking Complete Solution Taxi Application is a complete solution for connecting customers with taxis. The application is developed for both users and drivers, with separate logins for each. Users can request a ride from the nearest driver, and drivers can make their cars...