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Тема в разделе "Forum work", создана пользователем admin, 22 апр 2016.

  1. admin

    admin Magic Admin Команда форума

    23 ноя 2015
    Page for copyright holders [>> on Russian]
    The administration of the project nullstore.pw informs that all published information on our site is taken from open Internet sources, or sent and published directly by the users of our website.

    If you notice a violation of your copyrights, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: support {at} nullstore.pw to remove your product from our site or through the feedback form. In the letter you should specify:

    1. Documentary evidence of your rights to material that is protected by copyright:
    Scanned document for a product with a stamp;
    Other information that will allow you to identify as a rightholder.

    2. Direct links to the pages of our site that contain material that violates your copyrights.

    After receiving the letter, which contains this confirmation (in full), within 48 hours we will be are obliged to remove the content.


    1. The certificate issued by the CopyTrust service is not an official confirmation of your copyright.
    2. Complaints that contain threats or insults to our website or to the Administration are not considered.
    3. We do not react to unreasonable complaints of third parties. Complaints are considered only from the authors of materials or from their representatives!
    4. We have the right to refuse to consider the complaint because of the insufficient amount of data that allows us to identify you as the copyright owner.


    The administration of the project nullstore.pw.
    Velqru нравится это.
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