1. Lowrens

    SCRIPT LaraUpload - Online File Sharing and Cloud Storage - nulled

    LaraUpload - Online File Sharing and Cloud Storage - nulled LaraUpload gives you the power to create file hosting platform in minute with no coding , MegaUpload build as a Saas with subscribe system so start your business now. Demo...
  2. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Filex - File Uploader with Expiration

    Filex - File Uploader with Expiration Filex is a PHP System designed to let users upload files to your server and select when the file should expire. Users are able to select whether if they want the file to expire in a certain amount of days, or downloads or none of them, and also they can...
  3. Lowrens

    SCRIPT DropShare - File Sharing System

    You would like to upload files from your computer to your webspace? You would like to create your own file sharing service? DropShare is here! DropShare is a PHP script created to allow web developers to use or create(open) their own file sharing service. High performance, responsive & flexible...
  4. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Amazon S3 File Manager

    Amazon S3 File Manager Amazon S3 File Manager is a powerful PHP script for managing files inside S3 buckets. You can choose whether you want your users to use your own S3 bucket or you want them to input their AWS information. When user creates an account, he has to pay a membership fee...
  5. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Amazon S3 - Droppy online file sharing (Add-on)

    Amazon S3 - Droppy online file sharing The Amazon S3 plugin will connect your existing or new Droppy setup to your S3 Bucket and stores all the uploaded files in your bucket. When a upload expires, the plugin will automatically delete the files from your bucket to reduce unnecessarily costs...
  6. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Droppy - Premium Subscription (Add-on)

    Droppy - Premium Subscription v1.1.0 Droppy Premium Subscription will allow your Droppy users to get more out of your service. They will be able to subscribe to a premium plan, this will give them some more features like larger file uploads, longer file storage, no advertisements and the...
  7. Lowrens

    SCRIPT FTP / SFTP - Droppy online file sharing (Add-on)

    FTP - Droppy online file sharing v1.0.1 The FTP Plugin for Droppy – Online file sharing connects your existing Droppy setup to an external FTP server. The FTP connections can be made using standard FTP or by using SFTP. This way you can separate your uploads from your application server and...
  8. Lowrens

    SCRIPT FileGator

    FileGator v4.2.9 Advanced Multi-User PHP File Manager & AJAX Uploader Upload, edit, manage, zip and share files and folders. Multiple user accounts with private folders and permissions. FileGator является мощным PHP скриптом файлового менеджера и AJAX загрузчика. Demo...
  9. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Droppy - Online file sharing

    Droppy - Online file sharing v1.3.4 Droppy is an online file sharing platform that can be used to share multiple files among friends, family and colleagues. The files can be sent by email or an url that can be shared with everyone you would like to. Add-ons for Droppy online file sharing: FTP...
  10. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Veno File Manager - host and share files

    Veno File Manager v2.6.2 - host and share files ( скрипт хостинга файлов ) If you are looking for a simple and flexible plug-and-play file manager, VFM is for you. Send files to your customers, create new users with dedicated folders, or simply use it as your personal file cloud. Access from...
  11. Lowrens

    Plugin Filetrip - Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP + Wordpress

    Filetrip v2.0.0 - Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP + Wordpress Filetrip makes it easy to distribute files from WordPress to the Cloud on autopilot. When users upload files, Filetrip sends copies to multiple destinations of your choice. You can instantly copy files to Google Drive...
  12. ifelse

    SCRIPT XFilesharing Pro Rus - скрипт файлообменника

    XFilesharing Pro Rus - скрипт файлообменника XFilesharing - скрипт файлообменника XFilesharing v2.4.1*** Скрытый текст: У Вас недостаточно прав для просмотра скрытого текста. Посетите тему на форуме! ***[/LIKES]
  13. klerk

    SCRIPT Droply.js - PHP minimalist responsive file uploader

    Droply.js - PHP minimalist responsive file uploader Supports chunk upload :) Professionally crafted using latest HTML5/CSS3 web technologies How can Droply fit into your PHP project ? Droply provides a simple backend PHP processing class that enable you to integrate this plugin to any PHP...
  14. ifelse

    RELEASE OF Security (One File Security)

    OF Security - PHP security class With OF Security (One File Security) can easily protect your website from malicious flood attacks and sql injections. Easy installation just need to copy the core file in the directory of your site and use the Code Generator to create a code to paste into your...
  15. ifelse

    RELEASE FileUpload - Light file uploader

    FileUpload FileUpload is an easy way to upload and share files with your friends or customers. Possessing and file manager, users can manage your files and find them easily and comfortably through the filters. Each user has a fixed disk space set by the administration and is unable to exceed...
  16. ifelse

    RELEASE Filepicker – Multi file uploader

    Filepicker – Multi file uploader [Nullstore release, nulled] Demo: Docs: Filepicker is an advanced file uploader script built with PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) that allows to upload multiple files to a server without...
  17. klerk

    SCRIPT YetiShare - File Hosting Script

    YetiShare - File Hosting Script Yetishare File Hosting Script - скрипт для организации хостинга файлов. Demo: YetiShare v4.3: В комплекте пак плагинов: В версии заявлена поддержка PHP 7.0 Лично мной скрипт на работоспособность не тестировался.
  18. A

    SCRIPT CloudShare - Online File Sharing Application

    CloudShare v1.6 - Online File Sharing Application Upload with Dropzone, Password Protection, Amazon Storage Service, Fully client management, Great user interface, 4 payment gateways integrated, Invoice management, premium user panel, Multiple admins. CloudShare является безопасным, быстрым...
  19. Lowrens

    SCRIPT Simple File Sharer - простой обмен файлами на разных устройствах

    Simple File Sharer Single file upload and sharing multiple files upload and sharing (since 1.4) drag and drop or just select file(s) autoupload progressbar and progress numbers mail sharing, ability to send to more than one recipient by closing the success message admin interface with...
  20. klerk

    SCRIPT - minimalist responsive large digital file uploade - minimalist responsive large digital file uploade Droply provides a simple backend .NET processing class that enable you to integrate this plugin to .NET (MVC 3.5/4) framework professionally. The plugin can intelligently slice and upload Gigabyte size of any type of files HTML5...