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Dear users!

You have come to the forum for its further development, if it is not - you would be asked to leave. All the rest - Welcome to our best team, where you will find the information you need, or share your releases, developments and other interesting content.

1. The main provisions of rules

1.0.1 Registration on the forum automatically means your acceptance of these rules and the need to comply with them.

1.0.2 All information and materials posted on the forum are for informational purposes only. All messages reflect the opinions of their authors and the forum administration does not bear any responsibility for them.

1.0.3 The forum administration is not responsible for the efficiency of links in topics that are created by forum users. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the conformity of the title of the material and its content, which are published by the users of the forum.
If the link or material is not available we complain through the "Complaints" in the topic where the link is dead. (if possible, we will ask for a new link to update the link)

1.1 Before you write and send your first message on the forum, you agree to carefully read and accept the general rules of the forums, as well as the rules of the threads or topics of the respective forum.

1.2 Before you create a new post, make sure that you create it in the correct forum. Creating new threads in inappropriate forum topics is considered spam.

1.3 Before you create a new post, make sure that this topic has not already been discussed previously. To do this, use "filter by topic", and be sure to use the search.

1.4 When you create a new response, it should be a useful response and be well-written - more than one or two words in most cases. It should reflect the essence of your question or message. For posts like these: "Help please", "John answered", "I have a problem" - Your post will be immediately removed.

1.5 If you create messages with a "release" or "retail" subject, or you make a "search request" for a script - there must be a detailed description of what you are looking for or posting.

1.6 For newly registered users, most links in the messages will contain a "hidden" tag with the condition of having a certain number of posts or likes. To see the hidden links, you can download only after a certain number of useful messages or after paying for "elevation", which is our premium privileges.

1.6.1 Visitor messages do not "count" in all sections of the forum. Your posts only count toward the required amount when you post in topic threads, and when you post useful information determined at the discretion of administration.

1.7 External links or other URLs are not necessary to be hidden under a tag. However, some forums may change this at their own discretion.

1.8 Permission to upload a file will only be granted if it has a picture and contains a description and possibly code examples. Everything else will be considered warez will be deleted. Users who do not comply with this rule will be warned. Repeated violations will receive a ban for 7 days or more.

1.8.1 Our recommendations when you publishing a material with a link for file downloading.

1.9 Remember that this is a FORUM - a place of communication, NOT merely a collection of file archives.

2. Prohibited on the forum:

2.1 Criticism and stupidity, as well as similar stupid behavior and abuse!

2.2 It is forbidden! to create the same thread in different forums, it will be regarded as spam.

Remember that you will not even be notified of this, but instead will automatically be blocked from access to the forum (most likely for a very long period) and we will remove all of your threads. If you saw that made a mistake and created a thread in the wrong section, in any case do not post a duplicate in another forum section, because this is considered spam, for which you will inevitable be blocked without warning.

If you accidentally posted in the wrong forum, instead of spamming another forum with duplicate posts, you should get in touch with the appropriate forum moderator and explain the problem. The moderator can help you from there and move your thread to the correct section.

2.3 Prohibited! Dual registration and capture of nicknames. Also prohibited deliberate check closely similar nickname, already an Existing double. Violators will be identified and blocked, also reserves the right to reset the number of posts at all multi-client. Keep also in mind that the member's account without a message, as well as more than a month of inactivity, can be removed, and the nickname is released for registration.

2.4 It is forbidden! Using foul language (obscene statements) is allowed only in extreme cases when without it can not be dispensed;).

2.5 It is forbidden! The use of e-mail registered users of the forum in order to send spam.

2.6 It is forbidden! Create the same topics, use search, perhaps the question you want to ask, has already been discussed.

2.7 Not allowed! Harassment of other participants in the forum in any form.

2.8 It is forbidden! Incitement of ethnic hatred or acts aimed at inciting national, racial hostility, humiliation of national dignity, as well as statements about exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of users based on their relationship to the national origin or political views.

2.9 It is forbidden! Limit your answer with the words "thank you", "ha ha", "cool", "respect", "coool" or simply insert a smiley!

2.10 Prohibited following statements: join the request, +1, cool software, super script, etc. Those. those that do not carry useful information. They will be regarded as a set of positions.

2.11 Statements by type: "reupload please" (not visible under high hide), "ok, i download now!" - Idiocy is regarded as a pure = should immediately lock!

2.12 It is forbidden! Public discussion of the actions of moderators and forum administration. In the case when the moderator exceeds the authority should write to the feedback. Talk Block Account shall be punished by blocking the reasons for a long time!

2.13 Placement of huge images, captions falling under paragraph 2.1
Restrictions such signature:
1) a minimum number of posts at those who are allowed to write a signature - 30;
1.1) and a minimum number of likes at those who are allowed to write a signature - 10;
2) the maximum string signature 2;
3) a reference / link - a maximum of 600 characters and codes BB 250 without;
4) prohibited hidden referral links.

2.14 begging as well as the issue of (in any form) the information out of the club and the hide tags.

2.15 Use calls (requests) to the members of the forum to press "Like" / "Like" in any form.

2.16 Buying and selling account with our site in other forums and Internet resources.

2.17 The use of attachments for storage of files violating copyrights.

2.18 At the forum is strictly prohibited sale / resale of materials (texts, scripts, programs, etc.), Falling under the concept of "BARYZHNICHESTVO".

2.19 FORBIDDEN - Downloading, grabbing, forum resources. Use robots or software to download content from the forum. Download more than 20 hidden materials per day. Opening / downloading more than 3 different forum pages simultaneously (more than 3 pages of the forum in 1 second)

3. Optional:

3.1 Administration of the forum, except in exceptional cases, does not consider the internal disputes between users.

4. Copyright holders:
Information for holders

Gross violation of the above rules will entail the immediate suspension of your account!

The administration reserves the right to modify or amend these rules without direct notification.

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> Paid access and contact with the administration
> Information for holders

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