RELEASE Mobile Weather for Smartphones and Tablets


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Mobile Weather v1 for Smartphones and Tablets

This is the script of a new generation designed specifically for smartphones and tablets easily accessible and easy to use displays the time wherever you are when you are. You just need to click on the names below to customize menu and enter the city in which you want to check the weather forecast. The best part is that everything is just a tap. With customizable menu you can choose what color to your background remains selected background or you can change the shape of the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. Script displays the current weather for the next 5 days. Easy to install just by the installation file (install.php) located in the directory of the script just follow the instructions everything is detailed. Ease of maintenance and modification can be edited tampleyta or add a new one. Perfectly optimized for smartphones and tablets so you do not crush or disarrange picture.